The lure of the Goddess

May 2017 Bharti Briggs powerfully evokes the mystery and magic of the sacred Ganges, and its capacity to heal and transform

Towards quantum success

February 2017 With the New Year not yet having worn off its sheen, and the promise of a new beginning beckoning one enticingly, a mini workshop on priority management by Bhaavin Shah seemed just the ticket. Happily, the workshop more than delivered, offering a number of insights and tools to achieve our goals with optimum effectiveness.

Worshipping the home goddess

February 2017 While reading an article by a foreigner travelling in India, I was struck by her description of the fragrances that floated out of different houses and places of worship in the evening, irrespective of which religion they belonged to. In temples, the performer of the aarti starts by cleaning the idol, removing old flowers, redecorating the idol with fresh

Thank you, God

January 2017 When you stop pining for the pleasant and resisting the unpleasant, conflict ceases and gratitude gushes, says Suma Varughese The root of all inner conflict is pushing away something and wanting to pull in something else. We push away ill health and pine for health. Push away sadness and pine for happiness. Push away thoughts and ye

Three days with the goddess

January 2017 Prajnaparamita Padhi writes about the rapturous experience of receiving, enlivening and bidding farewell to Goddess Durga in the attic of an artist devotee and the company of his Bohemian friends

The suffering people are my gods

January 2017 By Pradeep Krishnan Meet Avadhoota Nadananda, whose extraordinary life journey includes being the 48th pontiff of Gyanganj, that supposedly mythical place in Tibet where ascended masters live and manage the planet. An interview by Pradeep Krishnan