A spiritual haven by the sea

December 2017 Sharmila Desai, India’s only certified female Ashtanga yoga teacher, talks to Melissa Nazareth about her plans to teach yoga and create a biodynamic garden in Goa  

Dissolving into life

December 2017 There is no death but simply a ‘dissolving back into life’, observes Megha Bajaj In the last two weeks, I have attended two condolence prayer meets. Somehow, sitting in that hall, the image of the deceased along with bhajans playing in the background, has h

Gazing into the future

november 2017 Progression is a law of nature. It is an inbuilt mechanism in our DNA that keeps prompting us to evolve into our higher version. Our past builds the foundation of our future. There is a hidden linearity between the past and the future. Our lives follow certain patterns which, when identified, can be used to make better choices in our future,â

Curating happiness

November 2017

Empowerment with angels

October 2017 Empowerment with angels Angel guidance for zodiac signs for the month of October  

AAI CSR: Working for the society

October 2017 Airports Authority of India’s (AAI) approach towards CSR and su