In Krishna’s abode

December 2017   Nandini Hoon visits Mathura and Vrindavan, the place of Sri Krishna’s birth and childhood pastimes, and is mentally transported to the era when the Lord himself walked this earth

Healing the heart

December 2017 Mahalakshmi Rajgopala shares the heart-touching tale of a woman who beautifully integrated with her spouse, after healing her heart of the pain caused by her boyfriend long ago  

Yours truly

November 2017 By Sonee Singh Sonee Singh’s life and relationships transformed miraculously once she tasted the nectar of unconditional love from her guru. Now bubbling with it, she shares the secret of inviting it into your life. “Cause of all suffering is lack of love.” Dadashreeji It wa

You can do it!

Dear Reader, Be confident. How easily this advice is doled out to us whenever we want to succeed at anything in life. Whether it is about landing a job, giving a presentation, or proposing to somebody we have a crush on; it seems that without confidence we can achieve almost nothing. Yet nobody tells us the secret of gaining it. For the longest time I used to think that succe

All the more reason

October 2017 By Suma Varughese The mantra of All the more reason tells us that it is okay to make mistakes, and that instead of beating ourselves for having made them, it is better to move on, says Suma Varughese When I first had my spiritual awakening, I was in a deeply powerful state where I could vault out of my ego simply b

Brokering peace within

October 2017 By Shivi Verma The more focussed you are on being peaceful inside, the more chances there are of it being reflected outside, says Shivi Verma I am quite active on social media. And even though I feel that it is pointless to get embroiled in heated arguments and waste precious time, I often end up sharing my views on controve