Can we really heal ourselves completely

By Jamuna Rangachari December 2008 Everything – health and disease – begins in the consciousness, believes Martin Brofman, the architect of the ‘Body-Mirror’ system, who has healed and empowered many to have complete control over their destiny

Spirit Over Matter

By Suma Varughese May 2006 As we evolve, the spirit will control the mind and body to determine our thoughts, words and actions. Perhaps one of the parameters by which we could gauge our evolution is to see how much hold the mind and body have on us.   At the apex of evolution, the min

Tapping the Healing Stream

By Armgard Traulsen October 2003 Bruno Gröning became known in Germany in 1950s for his astonishing healings. Today, physicians from 50 countries join hands to extend the benefits of his spiritual healing to people worldwide `Only God can Heal`Dr Gerhard Blättner, Director, Medical Scien