Alka's power

July 2017 “One of the first remedies I tried on myself was Aspen for my inability to sleep in absolute darkness. Just two days later, I found that I no longer needed to have the lights on while sleeping,” says Alka Raghbeer about the wondrous healing properties of Bach Flower Therapy. Nature i

Charging the Water We Drink

July 2017 By Dr BK Chandra Shekhar

Healing with Ozone

July 2017 Dr Paula Horan has been using ozone for 30 years to maintain health and longevi

Heal within to heal without

June 2017 By Jamuna Rangachari Rafael Llenas Ruiz was diagnosed with the debilitating ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 23. While exercise and diet helped, it was freeing himself of fear, worry and stress that healed him completely, says Jamuna Rangachari

Create your perfect mother

June 2017 By Dr Dayal Mirchandani Inadequate nurturing in infancy can lead to insecure attachment patterns causing emotional and psychological problems in adulthood. However, a new therapy offers the hope of quick healing, says Dr Dayal Mirchandani

The gift of healing

January 2017 "One n