Heal within to heal without

June 2017 By Jamuna Rangachari Rafael Llenas Ruiz was diagnosed with the debilitating ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 23. While exercise and diet helped, it was freeing himself of fear, worry and stress that healed him completely, says Jamuna Rangachari

Create your perfect mother

June 2017 By Dr Dayal Mirchandani Inadequate nurturing in infancy can lead to insecure attachment patterns causing emotional and psychological problems in adulthood. However, a new therapy offers the hope of quick healing, says Dr Dayal Mirchandani

The gift of healing

January 2017 "One n

Healing or Harming?

November 2016 By Punya Srivastava The malady of overdiagnosis is creating more diseases and trauma than actual ailments themselves, says Punya Srivastava "For a man with a hammer in the hand and wanting to use it, everything here looks like a nail needing hammering." - Mark Twain

Heal to become whole

October 2016 By Bhaavin Shah To  pursue meditative bliss without healing the wounds of the heart is going nowhere in a hurry, muses Bhaavin Shah

Healing hearts, greening fields

September 2016 By Jamuna Rangachari Jamuna Rangachari meets Tripti Jain and Biplab Ketan Paul whose simple but powerful devise, the Bhungroo, is enabling marginal farmers to store excess water during the monsoon for use in arid summer