Health and homeopathy

By Life Positive January 2012Homeopathy has heralded a promise of cure without any side-effects. The public health experts look at homoeopathy to provide solutions to day-to-day illnesses.

Sugar pills pack a punch

By Vijaylakshmi Nadar October 2011Healing with Homeopathy, Author: Dr Mukesh Batra, Published By: Jaico Books, Pages: 568, Rs. 395

The Healing Journey

By Deepak Kashyap December 2005 While the 20th century was dominated by allopathy and the 21st belongs to ayurveda, the 22nd century will be fired by homeopathy. here we give you an overview of the three major healing systems of our times. To be healed is to become whole. You can be free of all conceivable

Holistic Healing

By Luis S. R. Vas April 2005 A dossier of alternative therapies available around the world. Who has identified more than 300 alternative therapies like acupressure/ acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki/pranic healing, folklore medicine and others which are popular in different part of the world.