Alternative Stress Management

It is well known that either a quick or constant stress can induce risky mind-body disorders. Immediate disorders like dizzy spells, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, nervousness, muscle cramps can result in chronic health problems when we constantly remain under stress. Besides prescribed drugs, there are extremely effective holistic methods to tackle the impairing influence of stress. Some of

Stress Reduction

This therapy employs sound in an organized or rhythmic form to disentangle the stressed out nerves and brain, relaxing the mind-body as a whole. Certain sounds have telling effect upon the state of our brain. Most of the sounds heard in the world today are `dis-charging` sounds, draining the brain of its vital energy. Sound therapy is a method of beneficially recharging the cortex of the brain

Stress Management Techniques

MassageMassage is an ancient healing art, which works on the basis that when the body is calmed and relaxed, mental anxiety is lessened. Perhaps the earliest mention of massage as a therapy for mental and physical stress is found in the ayurvedic tradition of India. It is a common feature in most of the traditional therapies. Massage has been applied daily as a physical a

Relaxation Techniques

Pranic Healing For Stress Pranic healing is an ancient science of healing through prana (Qi or `life energy`). Prana is that life energy, which keeps the body alive and maintains its vitality. In Greek it is called pneuma, in Polynesian mana, and in Hebrew ruah, which means `breath of life`. Most ancient healing systems use this prana or `breath of life` to manage and cure various ail

LifeStyle and Time Management Skills

Perhaps it is time to put emphasis on the `life after birth`. And make it as enjoyable and stress free as it can be. Streamlining one`s living pattern and priorities of life is perhaps the most significant step that one can take in order to sidestep stress and its effects. The first thing is to set one`s body clock right to get around crippling stress-effects such as sleep disorders, bowel diso

Medication And Drugs

Ideally, standard pharmaceutical therapy is not indicated for the management of daily stress such as those caused by work or family-related issues. These are part of life, and we will all experience stress throughout our lives in various degrees. Since it is an integral part of life, counselors speak of stress management rather than stress removal. Jacob DaCosta, a Civil war physician