30 minute therapy

June 2017 By Malvika Dadoo Agarwal This International Yoga Day resolve to make these eight yogasanas a permanent part of your daily regimen for greater health and happiness, says Malvika Dadoo Agarwal It's the month of June and the International Yoga Day is just around the corner. If you

The unifying breath

June 2017 By Saraswathi Vasudevan Sitali pranayama counters fatigue, satiates hunger and thirst, confers strength and vitality and helps you experience oneness, says Saraswathi Vasudevan

Breathe prana into your nadis

May 2017 By Saraswathi Vasudevan Nadi Sodhana pranayama purifies the subtle channels in the body that carry prana, causing your energy levels, sense of well-being and state of mind to rise, says Saraswathi Vasudevan

Enter the sun

December 2016 By Suzy Singh Suzy Singh offers an account of a young girl’s struggle with and journey through depression thanks to empathetic counselling

Befriend Your Breath

November 2016by Saraswathi Vasudevan When you give your breath your loving attention you will have earned a friend who will come to your aid in all situations, assures Saraswathi Vasudevan. “One can only understand the things one tames, the Fox tells the Little Prince. If you want a friend, tame me. You must be very patient.

The sacred circle

June 2016 By Saraswathi Vasudevan On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Saraswathi Vasudevan advocates an immersion in the foundational yama-niyama through the formation of supportive sanghas, before moving full throttle into asanas.