By Prem Nirmal April 2013 Prem Nirmal expresses gratitude to his spiritual mentor, Sri Dada Gavand for his spiritual transformation

The love of my life

By Pradeep Darooka April 2013 Pradeep Darooka discovers that when he fell in love with himself, it was a new beginning, a new life, full of joy, happiness, brightness, and clarity.

Lovers of God

By Aparna Sharma April 2013 Religious and mystical texts abound with the ecstacy of the God-intoxicated, the great lovers of God compellingly pulled towards union with the object of their love. Aparna Sharma explores their world

There`s nothing like love

By Abhishek Thakore April 2013 There is no spiritual practice as enlightening as a love relationship, chuckles Abhishek Thakore I went around the world looking for my guru – but I could not find my G-spot (guru-spot). The gurus were either busy churning out their ‘bestsellers,’ or hiding

The night love happened

By Megha Bajaj March 2013 The thirst for an all-pervading love, led Megha Bajaj to discovering that the reservoir of its inexhaustible supply lay within herself

Reader know yourself

By Abhishek Thakore March 2013 Which of these is you? Abhishek Thakore draws up a handy quiz to help you categorize yourself on the basis of why you read Life Positive Self-awareness to the New Ager is like loose change for an Indian bus conductor or weed for a wannabe rock artiste. So, in a