Knowing God

December 2016 By Shivi Verma It is in simplicity and plainness that we come to know the real nature of God, says Shivi Verma     The idea of God used to fill me with awe in my childhood. He was some magical, mystical,  powerful creature who ran the show and who was beyond  human comprehension. Simply by observ

The God hour

October 2016 By Megha Bajaj Dedicate one hour to God to find meaning in the other 23, says Megha Bajaj What do you do with your day? For most people a day will involve some exercise time, a lot of office time, some TV, Whatsapp, Facebook time, a little time with family – and then the daily chores like eating, and bathing. Most of u

God's own food

August 2016 By Naini Setalvad Kerala, a state known the world over for its natural beauty and delightful spices, is also famed for its ubiquitous coconuts, sea-food, and tongue-tickling cuisine.

God's visiting card

April 2016 A miracle is a divine knock on the doors of our reality that brings a message of hope, healing and transformation, says Shivi Verma Who has not, at one point or the other, longed for a magic wand that would make their dreams come true? The good news is that miracles happen; some say they have been ‘lucky’ more th

The invisible hand

July 2015 By Jamuna Rangachari The helping hand of the Divine is always there with us. We only need to be receptive and grateful to its presence, says Jamuna Rangachari

Many paths to the One

March 2015 By Sharmila Bhosale Immortal stories – Wisdom to nourish your mind and soul by J.P. Vaswani, Hay House, INR 399; 370 pages