A meeting with masters

By Life Positive July 2012Wesak Purnima, or Buddha Purnima, is considered to be the holiest and most auspicious full moon of the year. All spiritual aspirants strive to do some spiritual practice during that time for it is considered to be richly reward

The travails of Tibet

By T. A. Basubramanian November 2011In the Shadow of the Buddha, Author: Matteo Pistono, Published By: Hay House India, Paperback, Pages:274, Rs. 299

The Buddha visits the UN

By Life Positive July 2011It is appropriate that the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha 2,600 years ago, a teacher who preached non-violence, tolerance, understanding and self-realisation, should be celebrated by the UN.This organisat

At the feet of the Buddha

By Life Positive July 2011Kalimpong, a small but picturesque hill station in West Bengal, played host this year for a spiritual three-day Buddha Purnima celebration.Thousands of Buddhist masters, Rinpoches, Khenpos, lamas, monks, n

Invitations to the flowering

By Satish Purohit May 2011Becoming Buddha - Wisdom Culture for a meaningful Life, Edited By: Renuka Singh, Published By: Penguin Ananda, Pages: 184, Rs 399

The God who will change the world

By Sunit Bezbaroowa September 2003The image of the pot-bellied Laughing Buddha has become ubiquitous in recent years. But whoever heard of an organisation that worships him as a deity, promises his incarnation on earth as a saviour, and promotes a cerem