Woman power rules

May 2016 Women need emotional nourishment,” remarked Dr Partap Chauhan as he talked about the emotional health of women, especially in India. Along with Dr Mahima Bakshi, a fitness and beauty consultant, he was giving a talk at Jiva Ayurveda’s cultural event ‘Healthy Women, Healthy World’, as it celebrated International Women’s Day on March

Hamdard's immunity booster

April 2016 For urban people, leading a life filled with environmental pollution and other toxins that endanger health is a modern day curse.  But a sound immune system is  the strongest bulwark against these threats. 

The elixir of youth

April 2016 Immortality may not yet be sighted but the legendary kayakalpa, still in practice, staves off the effects of old age, restoring youth and increasing lifespan, says Prabhath P

The world of Jiva

Jiva Ayurveda is a name to reckon with in the vast and exhaustive field of ayurveda. Its Founder, Dr Partap Chauhan, a pioneer of ayurvedic Telemedicine, has been awarded with several national and international accolades for his unmatched contribution in making ayurveda accessible to all. Dr Chauhan, who studied ayurveda both in University as well as under an authentic guru, started Jiv

Ancient remedies for modern ailments

March 2016 With a perennially burgeoning population, India is witnessing a spate of lifestyle diseases which, like termites, are destroying the collective health of the country. It is estimated that liver diseases are among the top ten killer diseases in India, causing two lakh deaths every year. Then there are a million cases of hepatic diseases, which go unrep

Health without cruelty

March 2016 By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese interviews Dr Nandita Shah, the dynamic founder of SHARAN, who is creating a wellness revolution through her whole plant-based diet