Of misal and vada pao

May 2016 By Naini Setalvad While the street food of Maharashtra has travelled far and wide, the healthy and nutritious everyday fare of this region is less known. Naini Setalvad explores   As a child, our kitchen was run by Hira mausi and Gaya ben, one from the Konkan region and another from Vidharbha, and so I became very f

Chalo Jamva

February 2016 By Naini Setalvad Gujarati food is predominantly vegetarian, and offers a wide range of flavours with intelligent usage of myriad ingredients that are equally good for health, says Naini Setalvad

Piquant potboilers

January 2016 By Naini Setalvad Naini Setalvad kicks off a new series on the amazing diversity of cuisines in India by celebrating the palate-pleasing Sindhi food

Crowning glory

December 2015 By Naini Setalvad Gorge on leafy greens, nuts, seeds, salads, fruits and good fats for shiny, healthy, bouncy hair, says Naini Setalvad

Mint-fresh breath

October 2015 By Naini Setalvad Bad breath can be a minor but psychologically traumatic condition, says Naini Setalvad, offering various easy measures to heal from it


September 2015 By Dr S Ramachandran A green smoothie a day keeps illness away, says Dr S Ramachandran, in the third and concluding instalment of the series on vegan cuisine