Light and sound meditation

September 2017 by Damian Healey Light and sound underpins the whole of creation, as reiterated by masters and mystics time and again. These two elements are the very fabric of spirituality upon which a seeker meditates. Lights and sounds of varied frequencies make significant changes in a meditators’ awareness, which increases one'

Celebration of the human spirit

 September 2017 Since its inception in 2007, the Global

Meditate to lose weight

August 2017 By Mellissa Nazareth Most of us struggle to lose or gain weight by focussing on our physical bodies alone. The trick, however is, to win the battle in our minds first, says Melissa Nazareth

Anger: The enemy on earth

December 2015 By Barbara Briggs As damaging as anger is, it can be conquered when established in the stability of our true nature, says Barbara Briggs Arjuna said: What is it that compels a man to Commit sin, even involuntarily, As if driven by force, O Varshneya?”

Meditating together for peace

October 2015

An experience of meditation

July 2015 By Rashida Jiwani The dictionary defines destiny as “the apparently predetermined and inevitable series of events that happen to somebody or something”. So it really means a force outside of a human being, which determines his future course of life. On the other hand, “free will” implies the freedom to use one’s own will a