The peaceful warrior

December 2014 By Aparrna Sharma Aparrna Sharma participates in a radically compassionate practice called Tonglen meditation, and returns with a heart full of courage Have you ever glanced into the mirror while brushing your teeth and seen Himalayan pines in the backdrop? I have! Have you ever, walkin

The sounds of silence

July 2014 It is a conversation of deep silence. If silence can have a sound, it is here, in the bowls, rhapsodises Shameem Akthar, on the magic of singing bowls

The Zenith of meditation

July 2014 Z Meditation is a cathartic step towards disentangling the deep-seated chaos, confusion and attachment in the human mind. It is a way of living life to the fullest. Founded by Ajay Kapoor and his wife Suruchi Dayal, this meditation involves systematic inquiry into the conditionings

Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network

June 2014 Life Positive A healthy mind fills your day with happiness and positivity, and crafts a successful and productive life, whereas a confused and restless mind is the root cause of all problems in human life. Increasing work and social pressure make it more challenging to bring the mind under control. No wonder that more and

The wheels of life

By Jamuna Rangachari May 2014 By realizing the significance of our chakras and meditating upon them, we ensure good health as well as onward spiritual progress, says Jamuna Rangachari  

Twenty first century witchcraft

April 2014 By Jamuna Rangachari   When Anna Parkinson was told that her brain tumour was inoperable, it was the beginning of a new life, which enhanced her health, happiness and purpose, says Jamuna Rangachari