A feast for the East

August 2014 The Life Positive Expo curates a mix of unmatchable workshops, discourses and exhibition on its maiden foray to Kolkata, the land of mystics and bauls “…when desire blinds the mind with delusion and dust, O thou holy one, thou wakeful, come with thy light and thy thunder” …wrote Tagore. And

Soul mates forever

August 2014 By Suma Varughese Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi Kondaveti, renowned practitioners of past-life regression, talk to Suma Varughese on how spirituality has shaped their lives and thoughts Dr Newton Kondaveti and his wife, Dr Lakshmi, look like fresh-faced youngsters just out of college. And yet, in the spiritual world, their names c

Body language

February 2014 By Deepti Gujar Illness and discomfort within the body is often the symptom of an emotional or mental issue. Instead of popping a pill, introspect on the messages your body gives you, says Deepti Gujar

Live and let live

January 2014 By Suma Varughese In a new column on how spirituality influences into the life one leads, Suma Varughese interviews Trupti Jayin, the doyen among past-life regression therapists In the high profile field o


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There are many ways TO induce past life regression. However, IF you are doing it WITH a GROUP of friends, be sure that you feel comfortable WITH them. Sound Simulation Play soft AND monotonous music AND face a wall IN a dimly lit room. Single notes played BY a woodwind are effective, AS IS soft meditation music. These sound frequencies transport you INT