Past Life Therapy

Theory The system of Past Life Therapy (PLT) OR Past Life Regression (PLR) necessarily entails a belief IN the theory of reincarnation. The therapy works ON the premise that the cause of a patient`s physical and/or psychological ailments might result from a trauma that a patient had experienced in an earlier existence, or at any rate, by some sort of personal ordeal buried deep withi

Integrate and evolve

By Akila Jaikumar October 2012 Akila Jaikumar reports on the second annual convention of the Association of Regression and Reincarnation Research. The second annual convention of the Association of Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) was held at Hyderabad from Aug 3 to 5, 2012. Keynote addresses

A Convention Of Souls

By Chitra Jha January 2012 A two-day convention on past-life regression made Chitra Jha wonder if we are seeing the therapeutic tool of the future

Beyond the last frontier

By Akila Jaikumar March 2010 Past-life therapy, near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences are giving us concrete evidence that we are immortal souls and that there is life after death

Unlock the past to heal the present

By Blossom Furtado January 2010 The relationships that determine our happiness and well-being in this life may have their roots in another life, says the author A 48-year-old lady came to me with a request, “I have decided to divorce my husband. I would like you to help me emotionally to be able to h

Going back to surge ahead

By Anupama Bhattacharya July 1998 Past life therapy can help resolve karma, improve relationships, cure diseases and aid your personal growth. Above all, it can bring you a step closer to the timeless in you that can never die Do it yourselfThere are many