Embracing The Other

November 2016 By Suma Varughese Dropping judgements enables you to receive the other wholly, says  Suma Varughese Although I would not call myself unduly judgemental, the judging mind has always passed a commentary on everyone and everything, dividing people and events into either what pleased me or what displeased me.It is an

Happy birthday, Louise

November 2016 By Life Positive 

The Trials of Love

November 2016 By Shivi Verma Communion with God teaches us how to love, says Shivi Verma I often wondered what the gurus meant when they said that love was the solution to all the ills of the world. Loving others was not easy. Not because I was not capable of it. On the contrary, my

Being Human

November 2016 By Aparna Talaulicar Perfect we may not yet be, but we are okay where we are, says Aparna Talaulicar


November 2016


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