Yes, I can!

August 2017 By Suma Varughese And so can you! Repetition of these words helped Suma Varughese counter her lifelong conviction that she could not There are two components to a healthy self-esteem, according to author Nathanial Brandon. One is a sense of competency that enables you to feel that you can cope with the challenges an

My personal treasure trove

August 2017 By Shivi Verma When Shivi Verma discovered the treasures within her heart, the glamour of the outer world lost its hold on her The inner world is the biggest treasure one can possess. I was a lost child of destiny before discovering my inner world. I wanted to be wealthy, successful, happy, loved, and always right. And none o

My four legged teacher

August 2017 By Megha Bajaj Inspired by the beauty of her unconditionally loving relationship with her pet, Megha Bajaj draws a few important realisations There is so much about love that we truly learn from our children. Mine is a little different though. He is small and furry. He barks, instead of speaking. Has a tail that refuses

Forests in a seed

August 2017 By Neha Gupta Lehl Dive into the limitless pool of creativity within, as it flows from the divine to every living being, says Neha Gupta Lehl

Come to Coimbatore

August 2017 Life Positive Expo visits South India once again, armed with an array of fabulous facilitators and wonderful workshops promising the participants two days of wellness, happiness, discovery and growth.

Receive with ease

August 2017 By Neha Gupta Lehl I was late by 15 minutes for the all-important appointment, and the auto rickshaw dropped me at a spot farther from my intended destination.