Sailing through transition

September 2017 By Melissa Nazareth Change is inevitable and can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually draining. Melissa Nazareth explores ways to embrace it and grow with it rather than resist and fight it

In the world of wonder

September 2017 By Purnima Coontoor Our ability to wonder is the magic key that unlocks the scintillating world of discovery, invention, knowledge, play, and finally self-realisation, says Purnima Coontoor.One morning, a man started playing the violin standing outside a metro station in Washington DC. He played six famous masterpieces

Editspeak - The touch of Divine

September 2017 By Shivi Verma Dear Reader, Co

The need to be needed

September 2017 By Megha Bajaj Demonstrating that we need the people in our lives is a very healthy way of strengthening our core relationships, says Megha Bajaj It had been an intense month at work. It had taken a lot from me to get a certain project executed to excellence. Although I was very happy about it, I also felt physically

The reality of reality

September 2017 By Shivi Verma Through constant communion with the Divine, Shivi Verma was finally able to discern why the world was the way it was Since a very young age I was extremely fond of reading and contemplation. The sight of printed words on a sheet of paper used to pull me irresistibly. Movies which were arty in nature

Yes, I can!

August 2017 By Suma Varughese And so can you! Repetition of these words helped Suma Varughese counter her lifelong conviction that she could not There are two components to a healthy self-esteem, according to author Nathanial Brandon. One is a sense of competency that enables you to feel that you can cope with the challenges an