From fear to courage

June 2017 Shivi Verma learns to transcend her fear of success in order to embrace life fully Even though studious I was never a topper in class. My parents and teachers often felt that I could do better if I tried harder, but it never happened, because I never studied with that intent. I happily believed that someone

From outer to inner power

June 2017 By Suma Varughese As humanity moves towards the New Age, it is time to divest ourselves of the need to control or dominate, and operate from a space of equality, says Suma Varughese I was 16 going on 17 and appearing for my first public exam in college. As I nervously surveyed

Losing to win

June 2017 Anamika L Lalwani celebrates her successful journey of gaining fitness while losing weight

Learning to trust

June 2017 By Vidya Murlidhar

Permission to fail

June 2017 By Suzy Singh Can society in general be more compassionate towards failure, and recognise it for the powerful growth tool it is, asks Suzy Singh

Zero In, Zero Out

June 2017 By Nandini Sarkar The moments spent alone not just strengthen us to face life on our own, but also hugely enhance our creativity, efficiency, and spiritual strength, says Nandini Sarkar