Defusing the mind stuff

July 2017 By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese is identifying less with her mind and is, therefore, less in its grip I  have been an obedient disciple of the mind. I identified with all that it thought or felt or fantasised. Fears would leap up and take me captive. Anger would surge and sizzle through me, causing me to spill all sorts o

Leading through example

  July 2017 By Shivi Verma A talk with her parents revealed to Shivi Verma the secret of raising well-balanced children Once upon a time my mother was often criticised by her peers for her lack of house-keeping  skills. The truth, however, was that she had too much on her plate and was doing her best to keep everything

Treat me right

July 2017 By Megha Bajaj Recognising the importance of setting boundaries, Megha Bajaj unearths three principles that help you in getting the treatment you deserve One of the most important things that we need to learn as adults, as well as teach our children, is how to get treated right. To teach people how to see us. In the name of lov

The return of Reiki

July 2017 By Jamuna Rangachari Even though old, Reiki is still relevant and highly useful amidst a plethora of new healing techniques, says Jamuna Rangachari

Check your motivation

July 2017 By Nandini Sarkar While most of us go through life crippled by fear and laziness, only some boldly unlock the power of right motivation within themselves. Nandini Sarkar urges us to look beyond our problems and be inspired to work toward the collective good

Super positivity unlimited

July 2017 Vickrant Mahajan: On a 'Super positivity' roll