The last hurrah

November 2014 By Life Positive In India when adults take care of the elderly, they are considered to be fulfilling their duty. But Sri Satish Kaku, a spiritual teacher, an artist, and founder of Swarg Foundation, aspires for more than that.

Catching em young

November 2014 By  Meher Castelino When I was invited by a friend to attend the Prerana programme organised by the Girgaum branch of ISKCON in Mumbai one weekend, I was pleasantly surprised. When HG Gaur Gopal Das, the speaker, began talking about ‘Life’s amazing secrets – 10 golden keys’, what followed was a 120-minute nonstop enligh

The green girls of Rajasthan

February 2014 By Life Positive  Sometimes good news reaches you from completely unexpected sources. A nondescript village called Piplantri in the southern part of Rajasthan is one such place. The panchayat of Piplantri village has ingeniously achieved two big feats; the safety of the girl child, and protection of environment, in one single stroke.

Saint in a school dress

January 2014 by Life Positive