Of trial and triumph

By Shobha Naidu September 2014 When the July issue of Life Positive landed in my hands it was as if God was sending me a message of hope through the very pages of this much-admired magazine. The cover story titled, Cancer: You Can Heal seemed to have been written especially for me. Just a month ago a thunderbolt had torn our liv


Story Of Dr. USUI As Told By Mrs. Takata Version Written by Adonea: In the late-1800 AD, a man named Dr. Mikao Usui (born 1865) rediscovered this ancient science, which he called Reiki. The story, as told by Mrs. Takata goes something like this: Dr. Usui, a minister and dean of a Christian school in Kyoto, Japan, was teaching a class, when one o


The Five Admonitions• Observe throughout the day, with all your effort, the arising of anger, then look deeper for its true cause.• Observe your mind throughout the day for the arising of worry and restlessness, look deeper at their roots. • Be mindful, each moment of your day, appreciating the gift of life, find the right livelihood for y


History of Usui Sensui AND Usui Reiki Ryoho‘Someone who studies hard and works assiduously to improve body and mind for the sake of becoming a better person is called `a man of Great Spirit`. People who use that Great Spirit for a social purpose, that is, to teach the right way to many people and do collective good, are called `teachers`. Dr. Usui was one such teach

Reiki Masters and Reiki Schools

Usui-Hayashi-Takata.Here are the Master Level students taught by Mrs. Takata: Paul Mitchell, Beth Gray, Ursula Baylow, Barbara McCullough, George Araki, Iris Ishikuro, Fran Brown, Barbara Weber-Ray, Ethel Lombardi, Wanja Twan, Virginia Samdahl, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Dorothy Baba, Mary McFadyen, John Gray, Barbara Brown, Shinobu Saito, Harry Kuboi, Patricia Bowling Ewing,


Reiki, the energy healing system, is based on the belief that thoughts have the power to direct energy—the underlying dynamo shaping the world. Often described as a form of Shinto-Buddhist Qigong, reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese, in the early 20th century. Dr Usui`s initial task was to discover how spiritual leaders such as the Buddha and Christ were able to perform m