Reiki, the energy healing system, is based on the belief that thoughts have the power to direct energy—the underlying dynamo shaping the world. Often described as a form of Shinto-Buddhist Qigong, reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese, in the early 20th century. Dr Usui`s initial task was to discover how spiritual leaders such as the Buddha and Christ were able to perform m

Focus on reiki

By Nipun A Jacob August 2011Turn your life around with Reiki, Author: Anil Bhatnagar, Published By: Global Vision Press , Pages: 204, Rs 295.

Reiki for animals

By Life Positive February 2010We mustn’t forget the animal kingdom whom we share the city with,” says Varsha Kulkarni, a reiki therapist from Mumbai.Along with the usual clientele who come for reiki treatment to her, Varsha t

The healing energies of Mizu Hari

By Clifford Sawhney June 2001 The maverick master is at it again. This time Madabusi Subramaniam is empowering select people by introducing reiki’s latest avatar in India The sensei oath of initiationI, (full name), vow to perform the Bodhi dharma. I vow to keep faith with the Bodhi dharma.

Another spin on Reiki

By Devi Narayan March 2000 Tera-Mai Seichem, the latest advance on traditional reiki, receives a nod from many members of the medical fraternity Tera-Mai Seichem reiki is a form of comprehensive and intense channeled healing energy that treats human beings in entirety. It originated in the USA when traditional reiki mas

Encounters with a reiki master

By Life Positive June 1998 A reiki master, who introduced the system in India, Paula Horan talks about some new information about reiki and alternative healing in an interview with Mahesh Ramchandani in Mumbai, India