God in the Vedas

July 2017 By Ritu Khurana In this modern age where religion is often symbolised by ritualism, material desires, superstitions and ignorance, the Vedas stand as a beacon of purity, deep chintan, truth and inner consciousness. At  the outset, one must confess that Vedas are as deep and unfathomable as the ocean. To add to the complexi

Consciousness in 7 Steps

July 2017  Our aura is a pool of energy surrounding our physical body. This energy flows in and out of our body and at certain locations, flows in the form of a whirlpool. When we are well, the energy flows freely. However, negative thoughts and emotions lodge themselves in our chakras, hampering the flow of energy.  Dr Neeta Yuvraj founder of Redikall He

A week of Vipassana

July 2017 By Manu Moudgil Manu Moudgil attends a Vipassana ret

When philosophy meets practicality

July 2017 By Shoba Naidu Shoba Naidu visits Navadarshanam, an ongoing experiment near Bengaluru on sustainable and holistic way of living

A new beginning

Dear Reader, Suma Varughese bid goodbye to all of us as the editor-in-chief of Life Positive

Beyond tradition

June 2017 By Bhaavin Shah A Jain nun and luminary, Vaibhav Shri Ji, is freeing the conservative Jain faith of many of its outdated customs and traditions and encouraging the laity to use their discriminating intelligence, says Bhaavin Shah