Destination happiness

June 2016 There is no bigger game than liberation in the spiritual world. It is the Holy Grail everyone is chasing.This is but natural. After all, who does not want unconditional happiness, or, as the Buddha said, freedom from suffering? When we think about the human condition, and the immense misery that can be the lot of even the fortunate ones on Planet Earth, we can

The transformation

June 2016 By Hetal Mehta Hetal Mehta’s life turned around fully after meeting her guru, Aryaa Maharishikaa Maiyaa

The power of truth and purity

June 2016 By Sister Shivani When someone as wonderful as Sister Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris showers Life Positive with praise, we know we have done something right!

A bird in the sky

June 2016 By Shivi Verma When we realise our true Divine heritage, which is to experience divine freedom, power, joy and bliss, to become a walking, talking expression of the Divine in this body, we have earned our liberation, says Shivi Verma

A pluralistic rabbi

une 2016 By Suma Varughese Rabbi Rami Shapiro, who is also a Vedantin and a student of Zen Buddhism, explores some challenging issues of our times in conversation with Suma Varughese

Letting go, letting God

June 2016 By Bhaavin Shah When Bhaavin Shah set off on a 15-day penniless padayatra to the Himalayas, he found himself borne by God.