Beyond tradition

June 2017 By Bhaavin Shah A Jain nun and luminary, Vaibhav Shri Ji, is freeing the conservative Jain faith of many of its outdated customs and traditions and encouraging the laity to use their discriminating intelligence, says Bhaavin Shah

A week of Vipassana

June 2017 Manu Moudgil attended a Vipassana retreat that helped him sort out his life and emotions, making him freer and more balanced in the process

A University for Spiritual Sciences

May 2017 New Age spiritual master and renowned

Beyond the 'I'

May 2017 By Pradeep Krishnan Pradeep Krishnan encounters Guruji Sundar, an enlightened soul who has revived many jeeva samadhis and guides seekers on the path to God

The lure of the Goddess

May 2017 Bharti Briggs powerfully evokes the mystery and magic of the sacred Ganges, and its capacity to heal and transform

Destination happiness

June 2016 There is no bigger game than liberation in the spiritual world. It is the Holy Grail everyone is chasing.This is but natural. After all, who does not want unconditional happiness, or, as the Buddha said, freedom from suffering? When we think about the human condition, and the immense misery that can be the lot of even the fortunate ones on Planet Earth, we can