About Ms. Aaira Love

Aaira's journey to the mystic world began when a friend of hers introduced her to Om chanting in 2007, and he started healing her. She was weak, underweight, haemoglobin deficient and lethargic. She was egoistic, selfish, stubborn, narcississtic, revengeful and introvert. Her life was better physically but emotions and finances were not very good. Aaira was introduced to Pranic healing in the year 2010 which changed her understanding towards life. New learnings and teaching transformed her into a wise and loving person. In the journey of life, she gained knowledge from various Masters and Yogis. She says that if she can transform her life, anybody can. Love gave her courage to keep moving forward; the love which she found in her heart for herself.


  • Pranic Healing 1000/Hour
  • Life Coaching 3500/Hour
  • Meditation Not Defined



Introduction to Self Love

Gole Market, New Delhi, Delhi,. . .

  • Fees : 1100

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