About Mr. Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar has been working as Alternative Medicine Specialist and Acupuncturist for the last 20 years. He has treated nearly 18000 patients in these years through customised acupuncture, acupressure and Su-Jok treatment. He has also treated patients successfully through alternative health techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, su-jok, Reiki, colour therapy, tri-origin, yoga, etc., and solved some severe cases of slip disc, cervical, colitis, depression, insomnia, anxiety, knee pain and the like. At an age when children still pondered about their career choices, Anoop had already made up his mind to study alternative medicine. He preferred taking up this study rather than taking up the regular medical studies. Alternative Medicine once did not have many takers. Yet, he decided to do extensive work in the arena and have been successfully treating patients. He dared to take up research, study and practice alternative medicine in the time when parents would any day prefer their ward going to prestigious medical college. Time has proven that listening to his heart was the best decision he made. He has been bestowed with various awards in the field of spiritual healing. Anoop is a science graduate from Delhi University. He had started studying Law, but his interest in Alternative Medicine made him an M.D. in Alternative Medicine. He studied Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture from Gujarat University. He was also awarded for being the best student of Acupuncture Studies. Anoop has been a student of Prof. Park Jae woo and graduated in the Su- Jok method of treatment. Prof. Park Jae Woo had discovered the Su- Jok as treatment. Now, he is also a member of International Su- Jok Association (Moscow). Anoop's treatment always follows a holistic approach. He customises and forms the combination of treatments according to the case at hand. Each of the modality used has been supportive of the acupuncture treatment. Tri- origin, a miracle treatment started by my mentor, Prof. Park supports acupuncture in treating genetic problems, which otherwise is impossible to treat.


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