About Mrs. Jaya Varma

Jaya is a freelancing Interior and Feng Shui Consultant, a counsellor and Pranic Healing Instructor. Jaya's journey began more than eight years ago when she was seeking a spiritual path to get some answers related to life. She felt hopeless until she came across Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's teachings of Pranic Healing and A Way of Life, and it immediately felt like she had found the missing link in my life. Her curiosity led her to study and learn more about Pranic Healing, did all the courses and never looked back. Through her centre in Kalkaji, Jaya and her accomplices help people to heal, meditate and learn the simple art and science of Pranic Healing which not only empowers but also helps them to lead fulfilling lives. She says that she is happier and satisfied in her life. Choosing a spiritual path was the best thing which happened to her.


  • Pranic Healing 750/Hour


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