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Mamta Agarwal's life was a roller coaster until she learnt to love herself, overcome her issues and start living a happy life. With the help of her mentor, she learnt that how she was like fellow human beings who face struggles, relationship issues, fears of tomorrow, resentment etc. However, the only difference was that she learnt the art of handling life with ease using various techniques and various meditation forms which she learnt over a period of 30 years from OSHO ashram, Rama Krishna mission, Vipassana and many other. Mamta's life coaching practices were going on for the last ten years along with her soft skills training, until one of her guides/gurus asked her to get a certification. The certification taught her to address the things which she used to overlook. The suggestion of getting a certification was the beginning of her continuously flowing spiritual journey; she is continually studying and upgrading her knowledge of Oracle card reading, concepts of Law of Attraction and NLP. Mamta's wish is to utilise all my experience, knowledge and energy to help those who need wishes to stand up and fight back head-on with their issues. Mamta also created a customised "5 Stepping Stone" plan for people to help them achieve a fulfilling path in this world. Her niche is assisting others to attract abundance in life, relationships, health, work-life, low confidence and in their significant moments, thus guiding them to live a life which they always dreamt of. She partners with people as a coach helping them break the barriers and achieve a more fulfilling and abundant life. Certifications: • Internationally Certified Fulfillment Life Coach ( ICF approved ) • Internationally Certified Master Spirit Life Coach • Internationally certified Guardian Angel Guidance using oracle cards • Internationally Certified in concepts of Law of Attraction • Reiki Healing • Certification in Time Management, US


  • Life Coaching 1000/Session

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  • At centre
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