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What is Meditation

Do you know that meditation is not about closing eyes or just taking deep breaths?
Do you know that meditation is not only about relaxation? 

Meditation is an old spiritual practice that originated in India hundreds of years ago. It can be defined as a method where a person concentrates on a particular object, thought or activity in order to achieve mental balance.

Meditation helps you to understand yourself and your life in an improved manner. With meditation, you think about the present and slowly move beyond materialistic pleasures while becoming self-aware. It brings peace and happiness into your life. While materialism gets you away from God, Meditation gets you close to him as well as yourself. 

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Some of you might think that meditation is a kind of relaxation technique, and helps you relieve stress. While that’s true to a certain extent, the benefits of meditation are much more than that. Meditation brings about everlasting peace and happiness, not just a temporary state of relaxation. 

To become an expert in Meditation, you need to put effort and practice it daily. Originally you might find it difficult, but as you do it more you will improve and can meditate for longer periods of time. Many people are practicing meditation for long periods of time without any difficulty. Experienced Sadhus and Yogis are able to meditate for days or even months. 

Meditation brings positivity to your spiritual, emotional or psychological health. By keeping us mentally and emotionally strong, it improves our physical health too and keeps us away from medical illness. 

Meditation has been there in India for a long time. India now has well experienced Mediation coaches. Life Positive is glad to have associated with some of the best Meditation coaches in India, who have many years of experience. You can contact your preferred Meditation coach in India from the list above.

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