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What is Past Life Regression

Does it seem to you that your life is in a mess?

Do you often ask, "Why is this happening to me"?

Is your marriage in trouble?

Do you want to get rid of your fears and phobias?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then you need Past Life Regression.

Who is a past life regression therapist?

Past Life Regression is a process that gets back to the memories of your past life. Psychotherapists or Counselors or Life Coaches use this ancient technique to find out the reason why a person is suffering from anxiety, phobia, or depression. It is not necessary that our current fears, emotions, or attitude depend only on our present life. There might be several reasons for it. A therapy session might be able to dig out the reasons. They help a person go back to his or her past life and find answers to their problems. Life Positive helps you get an expert session of past life regression therapy in Delhi

Benefits of past life regression therapy 

This technique is essentially related to the law of karma and depicts that our unexplained fears, phobias, or other psychological problems are due to a tragic past event. There might be a past wish, an unfulfilled dream, or a feeling of regret for the past or a past disturbing experience that is creating problems in our present life. Hence, past life regression helps in analyzing our problems from the past that are impacting our present life.

Past Life Regression therapy works on the fact that we are only souls and not the body. When we die our soul just shifts from one body to another by carrying the past life experiences with them.

Why do you need past life regression?

A PLR session will help you go back to your past to know your story. These experienced therapists analyse all your past events and come up with a proper explanation for all your present problems. Past life regression is a spiritual kind of therapy as it deals more with the soul than the body. People living in cosmopolitan cities can access these therapies with ease. For example, it is easy to undergo past life regression therapy in Delhi, NCR thanks to Life Positive.

Past Life Regression therapy has been offered in India for a while. India now has trained and well experienced Past Life Regression Therapists. Life Positive is glad to have associated with some of the best PLR therapists in India, who have many years of experience. If you are in Delhi, connect with the best past life regression therapist in Delhi in a few clicks.



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