Anil Bhatnagar

anilbhatnagarAnil Bhatnagar, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, is an award winning author and a well known corporate trainer and motivational speaker to over 70 leading private, multinational and public sector companies in India and the Middle East. His each workshop/ lecture has been consistently rated between 9 and 10 (on a ten points scale) by more than 95% of the participants/audience. Apart from this, he is a visiting faculty at several management institutes in India. Anil Bhatnagars words and techniques have the power of the dynamite. The way, the wisdom, passion and clarity of his words explode your self-imposed limitations one after the other to set free the giant within you, need only be seen to be believed. It is almost impossible to continue living your life the same way after attending any one of his sincere, pragmatic, mesmerizing and power-packed workshops of his. He has been featured among the 19 gurus consulted by Brenda Barnaby, whose work she has based her book on and quoted in her international bestseller: Beyond the Secret. His work in and contribution to the field of behavioural excellence has attracted testimonials from international authorities on the subject, such as Dianna Booher, Ira Chaleff (President, Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates, Washington DC and the author of The Courageous Follower), Tom Gegax (Ex-owner of Tires Plus and the author of By the Seat of the Pants), Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Christian Northrup, and Dr William Cottringer. He is a Times of India columnist and has appeared as an expert on behavioural issues in the Evening Live Show on the National Network of Television. Live Big Media in the US has recently recorded his interview for their telesummit Awaken to Your Greatest Life for their millions of viewers all over the world. He has written several lead articles for Life Positive in India and Executive Excellence and Personal Excellence in USA. Many of his articles can be found and read on his website: He is the author of several internationally acclaimed books such as: Achieving & Winning with Effective Communication* Success 24 × 7 Penguins Little Book of Forgiveness Turn Your Life Around with Reiki Reverse Your Thoughts, Reverse Your Diseases Forgiveness: Your Key to Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing (Ebook) How to express Your Grievances to Evoke A Favorable Response (Ebook) (*This was adjudged by Indian Society for Training and Development as the 2nd best book to be published in India in 2001 among all categories). His passion for learning drives him to study continually the wisdom of spiritual giants of every era, and his passion for teaching takes him, apart from the corporate world, to colleges, schools, institutes, communities and clubs to share his thoughts on Communication, People Skills, Conflict Management and Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Attitudinal Transformation, Time Management, Stress Management, Change Management, Creativity, Setting & Achieving Goals, Presentation Skills, Work-Life Balance, Decision Making Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility, Coaching and Mentoring. Motivation, Ego Management, Creativity, NLP, Strategic Planning and Execution, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence and Reiki. He can be contacted at: