Faraaz Tanveer

pic-for-lp-profile---faraazFaraaz is a yoga and meditation facilitator currently based in Rishikesh ( India). He is a part of the panel of experts at Rishikesh Yog Peeth and is involved in teaching the RYT 200 & 500 hour courses. His in depth understanding of meditative and energy healing therapies and emphasis on their integration into asana practice lends him a unique style. He is trained in Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Yog Nidra, Traditional Thai Massage, Reiki and EFT. He believes regular self practice, an ever awake, intuitive heart and a curious, questioning mind are the essential elements that lead to an engaging and transforming yogic journey. Before his current role, he has been a passionate wellness professional with hands on experience in Spa & Wellness center pre opening and operations, 360 wellness concept execution, health & wellness journalism, corporate wellness programs and hotel operations. His academic specialization is in the areas of Hospitality (B.Sc) & Management (MBA – Marketing). Writing, painting, dancing the five rhythms, yoga, breath, mangoes, insightful one on one conversations, languid summer afternoons, rainy overcast evenings, still winter nights, cows, self inquiry, Ganga, camping, river rafting, fun accents and vedic chanting are some of the things that make him happy! Life Positive, for him, is a place to bond with kindred spirits. His main interest lies in making transformational insights accessible for everyone. Keep it simple. Show and tell. Structured improvisation. are some of his favourite catch phrases.