Jamuna Rangachari

jamunaJamuna Rangachari is a writer based currently in Delhi, India. She used to be a software professional and is now also responsible for Life Positives website. A mother of two children, she initially started writing for children even when was in the software profession. She is keen that the next generation is balanced and grounded which is why she made a foray into writing and wrote for them, trying to reach out to them through her writing. She does believe firmly in the power of writing as she herself has been influenced a lot by what she has read. There are so many magazines and newspapers today, however Jamuna observed that only a few focus on positive stories, of which there are many in India and in the world. She does believe we need to focus more on positivity in order to create a better world for everyone, especially the next generation. This is the main reason Jamuna was very happy to come across Life Positive, a magazine of which she was an avid reader earlier. Jamuna’s main interests include positive values, spirituality and holistic living. She has authored two books for children, One (Rupa & Co, 2005). Her first book was a collection of short stories on all the world religions especially those practiced in India. ¬†She also wrote The Magic Liquid (Rupa & Co, 2005), an adventure tale with a sprinking of values of humanity and oneness. After joining Life Positive, she has also compiled a book of Teaching Stories and More Teaching Stories, which is a collection of fables interpreted by her and other writers. She has also authored Elixir for Zylake for Life Positive. She really enjoyed doing this as it made her connect to many thinkers and knowledgeable people and read many stories from various wisdom traditions in the world. Her core conviction that all wisdom traditions indeed wish to convey the same values actually became stronger in the process. Jamuna resonates strongly to Gandhian values and his vision for a world devoid of violence. She knows such a world will indeed arrive in humanity, if not today then sometime soon. She is extremely grateful to have joined Life Positive, as to her, Life Positive is not just a magazine but also a vehicle of personal growth that leads to introspection and reflection. As she writes for the magazine, it has also given her an opportunity to meet inspiring and positive people. Writing to her is a passion as she does wish to convey the idea of oneness and human values to one and all. Apart from Life Positive, her articles have also been published in Daily News and Analysis, New woman, Khabar an NRI magazine, Wedding Vows and Times of India among others. View her blog at www.jai-joy.wordpress.com