Nandini Sarkar

nandinisarkarLove defines who I am or where I am today in the evolutionary ladder. In his lifetime, I have had at least three rebirths or a paradigm shift in my consciousness. In childhood, an inner voice told me that I was not Nandini and asked me to question, who am I? I also had the incredible feeling of being loved by an invisible presence and this love manifested in my home through my parents, in marriage through my husband and at work from my colleagues. I always felt loved, supported and protected and love became my elixir, my key to liberation from earthly worries and anxieties. I have had lots of behaviour issues, having had a privileged upbringing, partial teachers, faithful friends and a loving hubby and this tended to manifest many times as distorted behaviour or as indulgence. The law of karma demanded that I be punished for my many transgressions but that never happened in its entirety. I was let off on bail many times and only shown the potential trouble I could get into, never a full blown apocalypse that would have shattered my confidence or demotivated me from carrying on. In teaching me through love rather than punishment, God and my eternal Masters, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwar and Paramahansa Yogananda have deeply favoured me. Today, as a recipient of divine favour, I pray fervently to be Their instrument of goodness and kindness and of effective service to others. The creation of my company C-Quel, which works in 20 cities in India and in Bangladesh, has been another defining event in my life. I started with a capital of only 50,000/- and my Masters have always acted as C-Quels guardian angels. Through trials and challenges, I have learnt and am still learning many lessons in humility, understanding and efficiency in service. I do not know why an insignificant, error prone person like me should attract so much divine attention; perhaps it my parents prayers for me and their good karma. Perhaps it is a living testimony to my Masters oft stated assertion: God loves you as much as He loves Jesus! My LP association also happened through divine will. I have never written to any editor in my life, though I read voraciously. In fact, I found a content deficit in LP articles between 2009- 2010 and had even discontinued my subscription. Then, in 2011, I picked up an LP issue on Women Saints at Bangalore airport and wrote to Suma asking why several other eminent saints had not been covered in the article. She was gracious and wrote back asking whether I would like to write on Shree Maa. Having written once for LP, I was inspired to write again and again, as though someone were pushing me from within, even though my business and family pre-occupations are many. With Sumas encouragement, the association continues. Over the past year, some people, including eminent spiritual persons have written to me or contacted me after reading my articles and blessed me. If LP can indeed be my way of effective service, may God & Suma bless me and support me to continue the association! Magazines like LP are like good friends with whom one can have satang and swap soul ideas- I am privileged to be associated.