Purnima Contoor

purnimaHaving been a daughter, wife, mother for 50 years, apart from being a writer, editor, translator and teacher in 30 years as a media professional, I have now realised that, a- its not what I HAVE but what I AM that matters; and b- its not WHAT I do, but HOW I do it that matters. And so far, HOW I do whatever I do has been dependent greatly on WHAT I choose to do! Words excite me, so do matters of the spirit; spelling errors quail in my presence and grammar simply falls into place with my glance, so do my debilitating moods and thought patterns, when I am immersed in the teachings of the scriptures and masters and fellow seekers. What better than being involved with Life Positive to maximize the benefits of my strengths and loves? When I am writing I AM, I feel alive, fresh, rejuvenated. Which is not the case when, for example, I am cooking- I tend to spend minimum time in the kitchen so that I can get back to my writing and books as fast as possible. The next agenda in my life has thus chosen itself- to infuse that quality into each moment irrespective of WHAT I am required to do. Well, 50 years is a long time to get there, but I have, at least now, and I look forward to a time when I master not just HOW to do, but HOW NOT TO DO all the time as well. I find I need that inner and outer silence in my being right now.