Sharukh Vazifdar

sharukh-vazifdarA philosopher by birth, an engineer by qualification, Sharukh Vazifdar has found spirituality to be his calling. Being one of the youngest among the Life Positive team, he is greatly influenced by new-age spirituality. His spiritual journey started when he was a child and he has learnt a lot along the way. He is greatly attached to nature and loves animals. His love for the sciences helps him balance his left and right brain, giving him a unique understanding of certainties and subtleness. Always inclined to the deeper aspects of life, he has learnt to follow his heart and make the switch from a high flying engineering career to a self transforming path. To him spirituality is a personal journey, where guidance comes from within. Only through complete freedom can there be real growth. Learning to break free of seemingly invisible chains, he is beginning to trust and understand what life is all about and who he really is.