Suma Varughese

suma_edit.tifSuma Varughese has been working with Life Positive, Indias premier body-mind-spirit magazine since its inception in April 1996. Beginning as bureau chief (Mumbai) she took over as editor-in-chief of Life Positive in December 2005. As a pioneer of spiritual journalism in India she is driven by a mission to help raise human consciousness. She has been pursuing this through her own writing as well as through the magazine. She is author of Travelling Light, a collection of her columns in Life Positive. Her clarity, visionary perspective and idealism have enabled her to have a unique influence on her readers, and therefore on society. Formerly editor of the popular lifestyle magazine, Society, Ms Varughese is a popular guest speaker at many conferences and seminars and has been intimately connected with the rise of the spiritual movement in India. She is also a sought after columnist with columns in Free Press Journal. Her spiritual evolution has been the driving force in all her activities and she has devoted the last 20 years to its pursuit. She subscribes to the Vedantic vision that the Creator and creation is one, making all life both sacred and interconnected. Her vision is to live life fully from this perspective of oneness and to help spread awareness of this way of life to the world at large. A follower of Mahatma Gandhi, she is a passionate advocate of his vision for India and looks forward to the day when we will have an economic and political system based on his ideas. She is an advocate of the third way for economics which will integrate the means of capitalism (free enterprise) with the end of communism (the larger good) to craft out a philosophy which will have the service motive as the bottom line rather than the profit motive. An idealist to the core, she is a great believer in the New Age a time when oneness is the prevailing philosophy for all mankind, paving the way for a society that is peaceful, harmonous, joyous and kind. In such a society everyone will live for the larger good and therefore exploitation of all kind will drop away, as will poverty, war, violence and competitiveness. The weary earth will finally find succour as mankind recognizes and abides by the understanding that it is only in serving the interests of the earth that their own interests will be met. Instead of a singleminded pursuit of wealth, power and fame, all humans will focus on developing their highest potential, creating a vibrant and diverse society humming with artistry, creativity, love of life and love of God. She has devoted her life to the realization of this vision and she is grateful that her work at Life Positive enables her to communicate this message to the world.