Ayurveda: Ageless Remedies

By Rina Tripathy

May 2001

In his early years, N.K. Padmanabhan Vaidyar learnt ayurveda from ancient manuscripts handed down by the great masters. Today, at his clinic in Cochin, India, he claims to cure lethal diseases like hepatitis

AyurvedaHis gentle, child-like face somehow assures one of healing and recovery. The doctor tells me the trees around the clinic bear flowers and fruits throughout the year. Strange but true.

I’ve heard of the wonder drug Kamilari. ‘Can you really cure hepatitis?’ I ask.

‘Yes, all liver diseases including hepatitis can be cured,’ says N.K.P. Vaidyar, popularly called Vaidyan. ‘We have tried our herbal cures for palliative treatment of AIDS too and the results are quite satisfying.’

His son proffers a bundle of clinical reports. I am amazed to find that each progressive report records a decrease in Bilirubin count till the case of hepatitis B is rendered negative. Similarly, jaundice—with no cure in allopathy—is reportedly cured with Kamilari in a few days.

How come ayurveda cures diseases that allopathy can’t? He smiles: ‘The liver is the master organ of the body. If healthy, 90 per cent of problems can be solved. Ayurveda has understood the liver, its working.’ By administering Kamilari, a balance is created in vata, pitta and kapha, stabilizing the metabolism and rejuvenating the liver.

Early on, Vaidyan was spurred by the idea of doing away with surgery, which led him to discover drugs that could cure completely. Piles, prostate gland problems, tonsillitis and fistula are some of the diseases for which his ayurvedic drugs are effective.

‘Plants,’ Vaidyan says, ‘clean the environment and some—especially neem and tulsi (basil leaves)—not only benefit humans but also keep the surrounding plants healthy.’

‘We migrated from Sri Lanka. Our ancestors were physicians of the Maharaja of Kochi. They read the scriptures and made medicines, mostly decoctions of medicinal plants, giving them to the villagers free of cost.’

He claims that all current ailments are mentioned in the scriptures with their remedies. ‘In fact, 15,000 herbs are mentioned in the scriptures of which 850 are used commonly.’ Vaidyan grows 250-350 herbs in his garden and is constantly in search of new herbs. His research has led to the discovery of herbal medicines for all types of stones, diabetes, cholesterol and even hair fall. He further claims that even AIDS patients have shown marked reduction in virulence with his treatment and some are leading healthier lives.

According to Vaidyan: ‘Ayurveda restores or creates dharma while allopathy creates karma by supplying what is missing.’ He cites the example of the pancreas—its dharma is to produce insulin. If there’s a malfunction, in allopathy insulin is administered (karma), whereas ayurveda rejuvenates the pancreas (restoring its dharma of producing insulin).

Vaidyan says that Ravana had discovered 4,444 diseases and an equal number of single herb cures. He wrote three important books, Kumaratanthram, Arkaprahasham and Nadipariksha.

He shows me bundled scriptures in Sanskrit on palm leaves no wider than two inches and a foot and a half in length known as ‘Ollahs’. Next he shows stones that suck out snake venom. ‘These can be used to cure other diseases too,’ he says. ‘They are no ordinary stones, but medicinal concoctions, some a combination of poisons too. These have been made in this form by my ancestors.’

Vaidyan’s attention is now focused on hepatitis. WHO puts the number of the infected in India at 46.5 million (one in twenty). Two million are dying every year from hepatitis, which is many times more virulent than HIV. Moreover, the virus lies dormant for many years and carriers may unknowingly keep transferring it to others. The virus causes jaundice, followed by cirrhosis of the liver and even liver cancer.  While jaundice and cirrhosis have been cured with the help of 107 herbs researched by Vaidyan, liver cancer—especially in its advanced stage—is still a challenge.

Vaidyan laments that most cancer patients come to him when it is too late. With over a thousand patients under treatment and a success rate of 90 per cent, hope shines bright. The treatment is inexpensive with a package of Kamilari and Hepin that Vaidyan uses after studying the quantitative report. This is done to determine the strength of the virus and the duration of the treatment, which depends on the age and health of the patient, and costs Rs 2,000 per month.

Besides, one has to follow a strict diet, avoiding jackfruit, roots like colocasia, fried fish and meat.

Vaidyan points out that vaccination against hepatitis has various side effects. ‘No virus or foreign body in the world can strike the immune system if the liver is healthy,’ he emphasizes.

N.K.P. Vaidyar,
Post Box No 2051,
Cochin 682020,
Tel: 91-0484-317881/ 311508 (Clinic)/324015 (Res)
Email: nupal@satyam.net.in


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    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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    അനന്തമായ അന്വേഷണ വൃഗ്രതയും,നിശിതമായ കൂർമബുദ്ധിയും,അചഞ്ചലമായ ദ്രവൃജ്ഞാനവും കൂടിച്ചേർന്ന അപൂർവ്വ സിദ്ധിയുടെ പ്രതിരൂപമായ വൈദൃവാചസ്പതി എൻ.കെ. പത്മനാഭൻവൈദൃരുടെ അശ്രാന്ത പരിശ്രമാണ് ആയൂർവേദ വൈദൃശാസ്ത്രത്തിന് ലോകമറിയുന്ന ഒരു പുത്തൻ മുഖഛായ സംഭാവനചെയ്തത് എന്നകാരൃത്തിൽ ആർക്കും എതിരഭിപ്രാം ഉണ്ടാകുമെന്ന് തോന്നുന്നില്ല.

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    Tel: 91-0484-317881/ 311508 (Clinic)/324015 (Res)

    Please provide the correct number to contact, mail me to ss_battula@yahoo.co.in or +91 9940137728.

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    G :Male
    I started with some digestive problem in May 2008.I lost about 10 kgs in 3 weeks time.After running all the tests [sonography,barium] doctors said it is IBS.Inspite of all treatment my health did not improve.I had lots of weakness,headache etc.In 2010 March I did my lft and bilirubin was 2.45.[3.45 in 2008…dnt know why it was ignored].
    Since March 2010 I had started ayurvedic treatment [stopped wheat and milk ] and count improved to 1.45 in sept 2010 [only direct bilirubin is high all else normal].But now in Jan 2011 the count is again at 1.55 +.My weakness is less,but I still don‘t feel comfortable and wt has not improved at all.My personal life and work life is all disturbed since last 2.5 yrs
    I am losing hope,Please help.

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    Safar Mohammad Khan

  33. aratrikadutta82@yahoo.in'

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  40. sensebreeze@yahoo.co.in'

    Contact Information

    Nupal Road, Kadavanthra P.O Cochin – 682020

    Telephone: 0091484-2317881, 2315791
    Fax: 0091484-2323758
    Email: info@nupalremedies.com
    Send Your Feedback







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    My son (9) is suffering from ADHD. Trying to avoid him using allopathic medicines s.a. ritalin, i hope you can supply me with a list of ayurvedic herbs as alternative to western medicines.


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