About Ms. Christinaa Josan

Christinaa is a gifted psychic and a clairvoyant since birth. Since her childhood, she could see spirits, receive premonitions and receive warnings, epiphanies and saw the truth in her dreams. Her receptive nature led her to have a deeper understanding of situations, and she used to feel the emotions of others including people, animals and birds. Throughout her life, she has had encounters with the metaphysical, which has helped her gain extensive insight into the rootstock of many problems. She credits her success to her parents who are from two different faiths. Her call of spiritual awakening came when corporate world failed to satisfy her soul. She had to muster a lot of courage and had to do something more meaningful. After twelve long years, she managed to leave the corporate and start her spiritually based business. Christinaa believes that she was enlightened by the blessings of God. She believes that when you don’t make the change that is important for your life, then God will put you on the right path.


  • Tarot Card Reading 2100/Session
  • Crystal Healing 5100/Session
  • Aura Healing 2100/Session
  • Astral Projection 5100/Session
  • Chakra Balancing 3100/Session
  • Akashic Record Reading 5100/Session
  • Face Reading 3100/Session
  • Reiki Healing 500/Session
  • Counselling 2100/Session
  • Numerology 2100/Session
  • Angel Healing 5100/Session
  • Angel Card Reading 5100/Session
  • Hypnotherapy 5100/Session
  • Past Life Regression 7100/Session
  • Pendulum Dowsing 1100/Session


Angel Remedy

Bhogal, Jangpura, New Delhi, D. . .

  • Fees : 31000

Angels are divine beings of pure love and . . .

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