About Mr. Ashish Tripathi

Ashish Tripathi has been following the spiritual path since his spiritual awakening in 2001. He met his divine Guru-a great exponent of kriya yoga and Shaktipat- in his first initiation. Later, he decided to take the courses to be able to heal himself in between regular appointments. Soon, he realised that he had been searching for the purpose of his life. Over the course of the next few years, he continued to increase his knowledge, gain experience as a practitioner and receive healing treatments of this universal life force energy. Ashish also began to participate in the healing festivals and host information evenings to spread awareness of this energy work that had enhanced and altered my life so dramatically. At that time, he felt drawn to teach his work to help people help themselves. He is grateful to his spiritual guides to have their grace with whosoever comes to me for learning and healing and awaken to their divinity to live this life with fulfilment and balance.


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