August 2018 Horoscope - Let the cards speak for you

Monsson is in full swing. August promises lots of splashes, bright days, cloudy days, coolness of rain, at the same time, whiffs of warmth due to humidity. Well, all this is fine, but what do your . . .

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July 2018 Horoscope: Cards are raining fortune this month!

As splashes of rain soak the parched Mother Earth, it's also time to take a look at where your life is heading. July is the month of refreshing rains and cool breezes. C'mon, don't. . .

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june 2018 horoscope
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June 2018 horoscope: the cards are turning for you!

The month of June - It's sizzling! Summer's getting hotter and the sun seems to be ferocious. But what about your cards this month? Are they as ferocious as the summer sun or will they give. . .

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