October 2018 horoscope: Do your cards show a festive future?

October 2018 horoscope is here to add a spark to the festive season. As Goddess Durga arrives with aplomb, wouldn't you like to know what lies ahead this month? Well, the blessings are for you,. . .

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September 2018 horoscope floods you with new hopes & heights

Rains have flooded many parts of India, but don't let worries about the future flood your mind. Read September 2018 horoscope and prepare yourselves to go with the flow of life.  . . .

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August 2018 Horoscope - Let the cards speak for you

Monsson is in full swing. August promises lots of splashes, bright days, cloudy days, coolness of rain, at the same time, whiffs of warmth due to humidity. Well, all this is fine, but what do your . . .

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