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Neuroscience and Healing

To make comprehension easier, I will begin with the dictionary meaning of Neuroscience & Healing. According to the Oxford dic. . .

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Healing in Akashic Records

If we woke up with no judgment, what would it look like? It will bring us back to our true essence. Our lives are entangled with so much toxicity and karmic bonds. We nee. . .

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The power of the human mind destroyed by its inherent afflictions article author Karen Rego
The power of the human mind can surpass all difficulties. The challenge is to awaken consciously and let go of our ignorance

The 5 Main Obstacles to the Power of the Human Mind

We are what we think. What we think is the result of our experiences. The power of the human mind is tremendous. Our thinking is colored with the wants and desires created by our senses. These sens. . .

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