How to use crystals for healing: 7 Powerful ways to heal

The day the atom was discovered, the world woke up to the jolting fact that everything is energy in the Universe. A rock, a crystal, a wall, a chair, a tree, a water body, a metal, and your body - . . .

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What is Naturopathy: 6 Outstanding principles of healing

There is Allopathy and there is Homeopathy; but what is Naturopathy? As the name suggests, this is a form of medicine that uses ingredients of Mother Nature. You can say it is akin to Ayurveda. Nat. . .

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4 Powerful Feng Shui wealth colors and how to use them

As you enter any room of your house, let your eyes rest at the far left corner of the room. It is an important and powerful corner. In Feng Shui, this corner is the Wealth Corner or Money Corner of. . .

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