Rudraksha Therapy: These cosmic seeds do Divine healing

India is the land of eternal wisdom, divinity and prosperity. Among the most revered treasures of our tradition is the Rudraksha, a spiritually empowering and powerful symbol, prescribed for all et. . .

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Astonishing benefits of acupressure for beginners unveiled!

Acupressure for beginners starts with a clap! Have you ever seen some people just randomly tapping their finger-tips? Even more commonly, you must have seen people engaged in exercises in mornings . . .

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How to use crystals for healing: 7 Powerful ways to heal

The day the atom was discovered, the world woke up to the jolting fact that everything is energy in the Universe. A rock, a crystal, a wall, a chair, a tree, a water body, a metal, and your body - . . .

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