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How we do it ?

Our team of crazy thinkers, writers, webmasters, and designers have come up with a mobile and web app of Life Positive. It consists of a myriad of information on personal growth, spirituality, parenting, alternative healing therapies, yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, inspiration, general wellness, and also a monthly horoscope.

Our marketing champions are busy spreading the word about this to all the beautiful, intelligent souls on the Earth who wish to enrich their lives.

How will it help you?

If you are experiencing troubles in relationships, with the boss, with colleagues, and with friends...if nothing seems right in your life...and your emotions are not under control, come to us. Use our app.

Our Features?
  • You will find tips and information on personal growth and healing.
  • You can know about Reiki, meditation, pranic healing, past life regression, acupuncture, and other emotional healing techniques.
  • You can find and contact certified healers and therapists
  • you can know about and enroll for spiritual growth events and alternative healing workshops.
  • You can buy and read Life Positive magazine, which is a premier personal and spiritual growth publication.
  • In short, you can deal with the "headaches" of life better by using Life Positive app.

Mission statement

To help people heal emotionally and grow spiritually. This, in turn, "fixes" most of the troubles in people's personal, social, and professional lives. Emotional well being also brings physical well being. Ultimately, it brings happiness.So, our mission is to spread health and happiness. We are focused on revolutionizing personal and spiritual growth industry by using technology to disrupt the way spirituality and holistic/alternative healing therapies are thought of and consumed. In other words, we want to bust myths, shatter wrong beliefs, and give you a clear picture of spirituality, holistic living, and healing therapies. We want the world to know that healing energies are for real AND they work.

We are here to help people find their inner power, to harness the Universal force with which we are all connected. This can transform lives miraculously. Some of our team members have experienced this personally. So, we are not here just to preach. We have "been there and done that."

  • Our target: To touch a million lives by the end of 2020.
  • Our strength: Our team is competent, skilled, and willing to bring a spiritual revolution.
  • Our weakness: We believe life is a bed of roses. The thing to note is: every time we believe this,
    it turns out to be! Life is as beautiful as a rose and we don't mind the thorns!
  • Our opportunity: Readers like you who are eager to join us.
  • Welcome to the world of Life Positivists!
  • Join us in our effort to heal the world.

Our Team

Aditya Ahluwalia



V. Venkat

Director - sales, Life Positive magazine

Shivi Verma

Editor, Life Positive Magazine

Raza Kamil

Sr. Analyst Digital Marketing