About Dr. Shiva Swati

Dr. Swati R Shiv, RMP(A.M), Ccht. is a Soul Energy Healer, Emotional Management and Soul Empowerment therapist, Psychologist  working with Cogntive Behaviour Therapy in Past Life Regression . She is also a clairesentient , claireaudient  and psychic reader. She has been providing  consultation regarding psychological and behavioral issues since 16 years. She has  In-depth knowledge of behavior dynamics and psychological principles related to emotional manegment. She does individual and group therapy, helps in  developing new behavioral plans & strategies, and organizing a life path focused on positivity and clarity  She is a a dynamic healer known for utilizing various assessments and techniques to identify appropriate intervention techniques.  She is highly skilled in helping clients through effective therapeutic intervention, with targeting development of soul empowerment, inner peace and  individualized meditative awareness .

She has provided patient education and recommended various materials to assist the client in their goal towards wellness.

In  therapy sessions , to help achieve healing,  she has integrated  emotional intelligence methods from various fields of psychoanalysis, past life therapy, inner child healing, life between life therapy, spirit release therapy, hypnotherapy, dialectic behaviorism, mentalism, NL P, Pranic healing, Theta Healing , behavior analysis , Time line therapy , Cognitive Behavior Therapy , Reiki.


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