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A-33 Bhagwati Apartment, Flat No. A-4, Near Ekta Park and Pannu Chowk
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India




About the Reiki Master Healer Certification Course & It’s benefits

It is always exciting when a student decides to become a Reiki Master. By deciding to take this step and enrolling for the Reiki Master Healer (Level 3A) Certification Course, you will have started a process that will result in further enhancement of your skills as a healer. This will be an amazing experience as there will be so many transformations that will take place within and around you, which will benefit your life and those around you.

The Japanese name for this class is ‘Shinpiden’, which means ‘mystery teaching’. The ‘mystery’ is the mystery of your own existence, the mystery of life in consciousness. These qualities are boundless, no matter how much we experience them. At every step, we find that there is more, a deeper level, and so the mystery is never completely solved.

Learning the Master Symbol, experiencing the attunement, and the class meditations and exercises will further open you to this potential, where you will evolve continually and it will heal you on deeper levels developing your ability top channel even more refined, effective and compassionate levels of Reiki. 

There is absolutely no limit to what Reiki can heal. It is right to say that ‘Reiki can heal anything and everything.’ keeping in mind that Reiki is God’s Energy which flows through the Universe. In this Reiki Master Healer (Level 3A) Certification Course, you will become a channel of Reiki Master Symbol by receiving ATTUNEMENT (initiation process), your skills as a healer will be enhanced manifolds.

Highlights of the Workshop: Reiki Master Healer (Level 3A) Certification Course

In this course, you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Course contents:

  1. Origins of Reiki.
  2. Professionalism, and how to treat clients and respect Reiki.
  3. Usui Master Symbol.
  4. Additional Symbol.
  5. Reiki Healing Process.
  6. Giving Reiki Treatments – How to give effective Reiki Treatments.
  7. Reiki Meditation.
  8. Reiki Moving Meditation.
  9. Reiki Psychic Surgery and Aura Clearing.
  10. Psychic Surgery for a place/home/office.
  11. Healing animals, plants, food, etc.
  12. Practice hands-on healing sessions.
  13. How to do distance healing.
  14. Working holistically to maximize the healing effect of the treatment – How to treat the presenting illness/injury and any underlying causes using Reiki and intention/visualization.
  15. Empowering the client to take responsibility for their recovery and developing a treatment protocol that includes the clients taking action to help themselves.
  16. Reiki Crystals & Healing.
  17. How to make and charge a Reiki Crystal Grid.
  18. Goal Achievement and Wish fulfillment through Reiki.
  19. How to Cleanse, Energise and Programme your Reiki Crystals to enable faster healing.
  20. Guidance on working as a Reiki practitioner and setting up a practice.

Inclusions in Reiki Healing Level 1&2 Certification Course:

  1. Manual/Course Material.
  2. Free 7 Chakra Crystals.
  3. Lunch, Tea & Snacks will be provided.

Couse Duration: 2 days; 5 hours per day (including lunch & tea breaks)

Dates: 9th Dec 2019 & 10th Dec 2019. (Dates are subject to change. It can be postponed. All participants will be notified way in advance.)

Timings: 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm

Address: A-33 Bhagwati Apartment, Flat No. A-4, Shalimar Garden Extension 2, Near Ekta Park and Pannu Chowk, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. (Next to Dilshad Garden. Nearest Metro Station – Rajbagh Matro Station.)

Course Fee: Rs.15,000/-

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Christinaa Josan serves as the founder and Managing Director of Angelic Healing Remedies Pvt. Ltd. She is a naturally gifted psychic and clairvoyant with a lifelong connection to these abilities. With a remarkable 14 years of experience in Holistic Healing, Tarot & Angel Card Reading, she has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals. An authority in Cosmic Energy Healing, Christinaa conducts impactful healing sessions that blend Angelic Healing, Mahakali Healing, Reiki Healing, Dragon Reiki, and Money Reiki techniques. Christina has been honored with the title of top healer by Life Positive. She is dedicated to spreading love and light through teaching a variety of Holistic Healing Techniques.

    Since childhood, she possessed the ability to see spirits, receive premonitions, warnings, epiphanies, and truths in her dreams. Her receptive nature granted her a profound comprehension of various situations. She empathized with the emotions of people, animals, and birds. Over her lifetime, she encountered the metaphysical, enriching her understanding of the underlying causes of numerous issues.

    She attributes her achievements to her parents, who come from different faith backgrounds. Her spiritual awakening occurred when the corporate environment no longer fulfilled her. It took great courage to pursue a more meaningful path. After 12 years, she bid farewell to the corporate world to embark on her spiritually centered business venture.

    Christinaa believes that she has been guided by divine blessings. She thinks that if you resist making necessary changes in your life, the divine will guide you back to the right path.

    Over the years, Christina has assisted numerous individuals, bringing positive transformations into their lives through accurate readings and powerful healing techniques. She establishes connections with God, celestial beings such as Angels, and various deities and saints to channel their energy in her healing sessions.This enhances the power and effectiveness of her healing sessions.

    Apart from the healing work, Christinaa spends her time with her pets and working for animal welfare.

    With over a decade of experience in Holistic Healing Therapies, Christinaa has developed expertise in various healing modalities, namely:

    1. Angelic Healing
    2. Angel Intuitive Reading (Psychic Reading with Angels)
    3. Reiki Healing (Usui Reiki) - Christinaa is a Reiki Grand Master and Teacher.
    4. Karuna Reiki
    5. Money Reiki
    6. Angel Reiki
    7. Dragon Reiki
    8. Mahakali Healing
    9. Angel Numbers
    10. Tarot Card Reading
    11. Angel Tarot Card Reading
    12. Angel Oracle Card Reading
    13. Magic and Candle Magic for abundance, money, health, business, fame, love, family relationships, success, increase learning ability, peace, growth, spiritual ascension, and much more.
    14. Switch Words
    15. Zibu Symbols
    16. Crystal Therapy 
    17. Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupressure)
    18. Colour Therapy 
    19. Past Life Regression
    20. Akashic Record Reading
    21. Hypnotherapy
    22. Astral Projection (service provided only for selective, genuine and urgent cases)
    23. Pendulum Dowsing
    24. Mediumship (connecting with the spirit world and communicating with passed over loved ones. Service provided only for selective cases.)

    Christinaa is certified to teach:

    • Angelic Healing
    • Angel Intuitive Reading
    • Reiki Healing (Christinaa is a Reiki Grand Master)
    • Karuna Reiki 
    • Tarot Card Reading
    • Angel Tarot Card Reading
    • Angel Oracle Card Reading
    • Switch Words
    • Zibu Symbols 
    • Crystal Healing
    • Past Life Regression
    • Mediumship
    • Pendulum Dowsing
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Akashic Record Reading


  • A-33 Bhagwati Apartment, Flat No. A-4, Near Ekta Park and Pannu Chowk, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


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