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New Delhi, Delhi, India




Get ready to change the course of your thoughts. Reiki will open doors of opportunities for you to heal, to experience life to its fullest, and to know your energy being. 

This workshop promises to blow your mind, literally!

The energies will enter your mind and revamp your thoughts, blowing in positivity and blowing out negativity. 

reiki healing courses in new delhi

Highlights of the workshop:

Reiki Level 1:

  • Introduction to Reiki · What is Reiki · Science of Reiki · Benefit of Reiki · Principal of Reiki · How to learn Reiki 
  • History of Reiki · About Mikau Usui · About Chujiro Hayashi · About Hawayo Takata · Modern Development in Reiki 
  • Attunement · OM Chanting ·  Aana Pana Sati · White Light Meditation · Attunement Session · Experience the energy 
  • Self Healing - Full Body 
  • Self Healing - Seven Chakras 
  • Healing any particular infected body part 
  • Healing others - Full Body 
  • Healing others - Seven Chakra 
  • Water Charging 
  • Goal Achieving 
  • Gratitude 
  • Doubt Session

Reiki Level 2:

Reiki Second Degree Welcomes you into the world of distant healing. After Attunement of second degree, you will be able to send healing distantly anywhere. You will get three most powerful symbols through which you can heal anyone in the world without any limitation of time, space, you can heal your past traumas, childhood sufferings, relationships, past lives, job, career, future events, goal manifesting, objects living and non-living.

You will also learn about crystals and their healing properties. You will learn how, when combined with Reiki, they can heal faster. 

Comprehensive Course Content: 
1. First Degree revision 
2. Meditation Attunement Ceremony 
3. Three Symbols 
4. Use of Symbols 
5. Distant Healing Process - Self Healing and Healing others
6. Your Daily Self Healing Process 
7. Knowledge of Crystals - 3 Crystals and How you can heal with crystals 
8. Basics of Pendulum Dowsing 
9. Pyramid healing 
10. Few Tips and Techniques

This is your chance to experience what you have never experienced before. 

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Kavita Choudhary is a Delhi-based certified Spiritual Healer, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Reiki Master, Angel Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Angel Therapist, Ethereal Crystal Healer, Lama Fera Healer, and Fairyologist.

    Blessed with psychic abilities, Kavita has honed them to a level where they can heal and transform lives. Empowered with her profound occult knowledge and a powerful and selfless will to serve, she extensively conducts healing sessions, workshops and offers remedies for the Karmic deficits.


    A dutiful wife and a devoted mother of two, Kavita gave up her rewarding career as a teacher after 15 years to respond to her inner calling. Having supported by her family, she climbed the ladder of success soon.

    She professionally trained herself and earned certificates in various occult sciences.

    She is often invited to the healing events and reading sessions as a prolific member and is known for her simple yet constructive inputs.

    With five years of experience, intuitive abilities and a strong occult foundation, she makes accurate predictions and offers various therapeutic remedies for all problems under one roof. Also, she retails authentic and energized divination products that bring manifold benefits to the end user.

    Kavita describes herself in a nutshell:

    "A patient listener, a confidante, a spiritual guide, a fortune teller, and a healer par excellence. I am all rolled into one."


  • Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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