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By : Ms. Sahar Gharachorlou Others : Ms. Sahar Gharachorlou


8 Days Past Life Regression therapist training workshop.

If you are an energy healer and practice alternative / complementary therapies, this workshop is your next big step. In this 8 days intensive Workshop you would be trained to become a Past Life Regression Therapist. You would be taught all the tools and techniques to be able to take your clients to the root cause of their challenges whether in this lifetime or in past lives. If you are a fresher with a deep sense of compassion and a desire to help people and also learn about the mysteries of this Universe, this course would prove to be your right choice.

It helps you in your quest for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth while you get the opportunity to earn and help people with their challenges.

This is an eight days Residential program aiming at training Past Life Regression Therapists.

We are all a sum total of our past, the past that is the cause of today. Whatever we are experiencing, physically, mentally, psychologically, financially and spiritually is a result of what we witnessed in the past. The Soul carries the energy imprints and memories of the past and based on the unfinished business, incomplete lessons or the lost passion decides the current life.

Through the two days past life regression workshop, you would have witnessed and felt how everything that we are today is a result of our past and in this 8 days residential program, we train you to be able to help others understand the Soul and its many aspects.

☑ Principles : 

The psyche of every individual consists of four layers – the Physical, the Emotional, the Mental,
and the Spiritual. It is not possible for any human being to exist if even one of these aspects is missing. 

Every incident or situation that the psyche encounters (in all lifetimes) leave an indelible
impression on all the aspects of the psyche.

Incidents and situations that the individual could not come out from with complete
understanding continue to remain as energy blocks in the psyche. Such trauma that is buried deep inside our subconscious causes many unexplainable problems faced in this lifetime. 

These unresolved issues from the past create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments.

There is an old saying - "To re-live is to relieve". Once a traumatic or unpleasant situation is relieved during the regression, it results in greater understanding at deeper levels of the psyche.

Therefore, once the buried trauma is brought to conscious awareness through regression, the problems start clearing up automatically and naturally.

Past-life- regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps removes the effects by addressing the root causes. By going to a root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically. According to this principle; when the effect is forced back to the cause, the effect vanishes.

Past-life- regression works simultaneously on Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit and heals at all
☑ Objectives: 
This Training Program is a certified course designed to help you in the following ways:

🔼 It helps you in your quest for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth
🔼 It imparts training in the Past-Life- Regression thereby enabling you to practice it on people who are in need of it.
🔼 If you are already practicing some form of holistic/alternative therapy, then this training
helps you to integrate Past-Life- Regression into your existing field of healing.

☑ Prerequisite: 

✅Must have attended 2 days Past life regression workshop or 2 days Inner child Therapy Workshop.

☑ Syllabus:

🔸The program consists of two parts: 
Part One:        
🔸This is an Eight-day residential course covering the following:
🔸Introduction to Past Life Regression
History of Past Life Regression
🔸Techniques of Past Life Regression Covering
🔸Hypnosis Techniques
🔸Non-Hypnotic Techniques
🔸Character Structures
🔸Hands-On Training on Past Life Regression Covering:
-Relationship Issues
-Talents & Skills
🔸Guidelines for Past Life Regression Practice
Recommended Literature Part Two:  

This is a one-day non-residential evaluation that will be conducted after a gap of one year after
Part One. During this one-year, the participants should do the following:

🔸update their knowledge by reading the recommended literature
🔹complete at least 10 Past-Life- Regression cases (each subject/client is one case).
🔸document the above cases in the prescribed format given in the guidelines and submit at
least ten case studies two months before the evaluation date.

The evaluation consists of:
🔹Theory Examination (2 Hours)
Presentation of Case Studies – Each participant will have to present the details of one case
(that is selected by the panel from the ten cases submitted) to the panel and audience
(consisting of other participants).

Early bird discount of 10% if registered by 30th June.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Sahar Gharachorlou is an Internationally certified Life Coach and trainer.
    Her first encounter with spirituality was at age 14. A series of synchronicities made her realize that there was more to life than it met the eyes. Thereon, her quest to know more took her to the first steps of her journey.
    In 2006, due to her turbulent relationships, her search for healing modalities started and, by 2009, she was trained and was practicing few energy healing modalities. She traveled different places across the globe to learn from pioneers and mentors. She worked in the corporate for over a decade until 2010, when she decided to hang her corporate boots and follow her calling to reach out to more people and share what had changed her life.
    Since then she has helped thousands of people through personal sessions, on going workshops and her articles. She has conducted over 450 workshops in the past 7.5 years.
    She is well known as a spiritual life coach. She believes our only purpose in life is to be the true reflection of our cosmic energy, to enjoy this beautiful life, and make every moment worth an eternity! She continues sharing her wisdom through different media such as her books, videos, classes, talks and seminars. Her vision is to help other life coaches to have a platform so that they, too, can reach out to their audience and help have a better, happier more joyous world to live.


  • Chandigarh , Chandigarh, India


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