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Zorba The Buddha
Zorba the Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Join us for this exciting workshop on Past Life Regression. Embark on a spiritual and inner journey within youself to get to know yourself and your soul better! 

This is a two day workshop which has been carefully crafted to help you find answers to your questions like:

*What is the purpose of My life?

*Why do I feel trapped in a particular situation?

*Why am I, not getting the desired success?

*Why do i feel unloved?

*Why am I not happy?

* Why can't  I handle over my triggers?

* What am I missing out in my life?

* I have all I wanted but why am I still not happy?

* Why did I have to go through this pain and trauma?

* What is it that life is trying to teach me!

* Why do I get into bad relationships?

* What does God wants me to learn for this misery in my life?

...And many more of such questions .

You will be able to understand and clear the blocks related to:

1. Finances




5.Unexplained aches and Illnesses


* Learn to meditate

* Connect with your guides

* Able to take guidance from your spirit guides on daily basis.

* Know your Inner Child or emotional self and help it heal.

* Heal your childhood memories and traumas

* Learn to clear your energies.

* You will know how to deal with relationships and heal them.

* Future progression helps in getting clarity about future

* Once you identify your blocks you will be able to clear them. Blocks could be related to finance, relationships or health.


* Anyone above age 16

* People who want to know themselves better

* Who want to take their spiritual growth to the next level

* Who want to know about their triggers and work on them

* Who want to heal their relationships conflicts

* Who have control issues, conflicts with authority

* Who are missing love and care in life

* Who have been through some trauma in life specially during childhood.

* Who want to find freedom from shame, guilt, anger, perfectionism, emotional disconnection, loneliness, low self-esteem

We invite you to join us on this journey called life and be our co-traveller.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Priyanka Bhargava holds a degree in management and worked as assistant professor at an M.B.A college. She also ran her own Event Management company, before realising her true calling to help people heal and learn. She is actively running her private healing practice and often travels to take healing sessions, to various cities.


  • Zorba The Buddha, Zorba the Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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