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Vishwas Healing Centre
Vishwas Healing Centre, opposite Central Hospital, Block 25, Tilak Nagar, Delhi, India




In our Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression workshop, we have often noticed a common thread when it comes to relationships. Many people today are nowadays, experiencing a void in their love relationships. They sometimes feel they are investing years of their life with someone who does not meet their physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual needs. See all problems in relationship boils down to one thing: lack of communication. Whether our concerns relate to intimacy, affection, career or any of the various reasons we fight or get angry or we feel sad when we don’t communicate our needs & discuss our differences, things will inevitably break down. The point here is everything in life starts & ends with relationships. Our very existence starting from the womb has relied on our relationships with others. See relationships don't develop automatically & don't deepen on their own, it takes effort. So, becoming conscious of this in your relationships is important and this is possible with the help of this workshop & keeping this aspect in mind today just think about what efforts you can make to deepen your connection with someone who matters to you.

With these profound workshop, you will be able to gain deeper insight that our external relationships are a reflection of the internal relationship we have with yourself. If we operate from scarcity, believe people are out to screw us & we are not worthy of receiving love, how will our relationships look? 

But if we feel abundant, believe people want to help us & we feel we are deserving of love, what will our relationship look like? 

Meaningful relationships are a reflection of the way we build relationships with ourselves. Here workshop will help you to let go of unnecessary past baggage, enjoy your relationship, even more, reignite the original flame of passion, learn to appreciate each other all over again, safely reduce damaging relationship patterns, create new bonds through shared experiences & finally helps you to grow closer together while maintaining a healthy independence.

Join us with this wonderful certificate training program.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is an experienced international speaker, International Trainer of Past Life Regression Studies & Corporate Trainer.

    She is also a Practicing Relationship/Martial Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, a Healer & CEO @ Vishwas Healing Centre.

    A frequent guest speaker with prominent national & International level platforms, she has been in this healing industry for the last 14 years. This apart anyone who is familiar with Dr. Pooja will know that her healing sessions and counseling sessions is not just another job for her - it’s her passion.

    An excellent communicator, Dr. Pooja desires to bring about changes in the way people think about holistic healing. She pays equal attention to the health of both mind and body.

    She believes that the mind and the body share an intimate and intricate relationship where any illness affecting one, would immediately show up on the other and vice versa. The root cause behind the majority of illnesses that affect the body can be traced back to the mind.

    Her other expertise when it comes to teaching & practice is in alternate healing approaches including, Magnified Healing, Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Feng Shui, Tarot Reading, etc. have healed thousands in this country.

    She trains and facilitates individuals to explore and discover themselves using Deep Inner Reflection, Exploration, Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Inner Child Current Life Resolution.

    As a Counsellor and Life Coach, she holds one-to-one, couple, and group sessions, and is often invited for giving guest lectures at educational institutions, and corporate and civil society events. She is widely acclaimed for her expertise in handling career and relationship related issues.

    She packs her training, workshops & high end retreats with rich result-oriented content, engaging activities and humor and is known for communicating with a zest and energy that is highly contagious. She is creative and possesses excellent inter-personal management skills.

    Dr. Pooja recently did very powerful stress management and wellness session with the Indian Army.

    Dr. Pooja uses a variety of methods such as exercises, discussions & self-reflection to encourage experimentation, thinking & learning. This apart, Dr. Pooja also investigates the riddle of your relationship issues & life from a deeper map of past lives, karma, contracts, vows, curses, oaths & life purpose. So when she unlocks the “keys to your soul”, through your subconscious mind, transformation is simple & life becomes a miracle of free creation.

    Dr. Pooja has helped many people gain confidence, deal with grief and loss and resolve many other emotional issues. She has helped many people gain a greater understanding of their life purpose and direction. She loves to help her clients explore the deeper levels of their mind and she makes sure the knowledge is understood and integrated into the physical self. In her healing sessions, she addresses the real spiritual root causes of emotional & life problems.

    It is Dr. Pooja’s deepest desire to extend her positive experiences to the people around her and help them to lift up their souls towards their highest good. No matter what the past has been, she believes it is possible to rise above the situations and find yourself.


  • Vishwas Healing Centre, Vishwas Healing Centre, opposite Central Hospital, Block 25, Tilak Nagar, Delhi, India


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